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Collaborators launch new ‘Harmful Nova Scotia Plants’ app

Which plants are safe? Which can hurt you? Halifax experts put the info at your fingertips Keep reading »

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Must-try beers: Nova Scotia at the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival

Halifax was well-represented at the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival last weekend Keep reading »


Cortado Tasting Room offers a new coffee culture in Bedford

The partners of the Cortado Tasting Room bring new blends, tastes, and wider experiences of java to Bedford Keep reading »


Discover South American wines

Great taste, lots of variety, and an unbeatable price—look south to liven up your wine selections Keep reading »

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Thank you so much for defending pedestrians. The legal crosswalk issue is in desperate need of an education program. One of the letters on page 8 says that "many pedestrians are not drivers", so they don't understand the driver's point of view. I think a bigger problem is that most drivers are not pedestrians. I used to be a driver, now I walk because I can't afford a car. I see both sides and I think drivers are at fault much more often than pedestrians are.

A crash course on crosswalks

Love this round house, has been a fixture of my memory of the drive a round the basin, I try and make it a point of interest every time I'm back home.

Living in Halifax’s iconic rotunda