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Tea and Tango brings seniors together to have fun and get exercise

Recently, local dancers, dance instructors, and recreational specialists attended a daylong workshop called “Dance for Health: Seniors” to learn h Keep reading »


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Green Goodness Smoothie Bowl, or a cure for the common hangover

I have no problem eating vegetables but some of you, like parents tricking children, need to find a way to hide your leafy greens in your diet. This Keep reading »



Halifax’s Savour Food & Wine Show returns (now with more craft beer)

The Savour Food & Wine Festival celebrates Nova Scotia's culinary scene Keep reading »

Danny co-owns Innovative Beverages, is an importer of fine wines and is a CAPSAC-certified sommelier. Photo: Tammy Fancy


Wine tasting advice for beer lovers

We love craft beer, but sometimes circumstances call for a glass of vino. Find the one that’s right for you Keep reading »

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Spring clean your finances


Guest blogger Leanne Salyzyn is an insolvency counsellor, licensed restructuring professional, and licensed insolvency trustee. Post a comment with your personal-finance questions. As the weather starts to get a bit warmer, you might be thinking about raking your lawn of the winter’s debris or spring cleaning your home. It’s time to declutter and organize. While you are at it, why not take the time and spring clean your finances. Why do it? Like cleaning windows, organizing your finances … Read More »


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I enjoyed reading the thoughts and feelings shared in this first voice account by a determined person who is in actual fact working her ass off to save money and get ahead so that she can go to university, earn a degree, start a business...the things many commenters here seem to accuse her of not doing, somehow. All kinds of tut tutting and meanness. So weird. Anyway. I applaud her courage, her tenacity and thank her for having the generosity to share her experience of being poor, working hard and wanting something better in this province of NS, just so the experience can be understood.

My life behind the welfare wall

I do feel bad for her.. but.. i had a crappy upbringing and a horrible home life.. between abuse and getting in trouble.. I didn't let that hold me back.. I finished my grade 12.. and took a trade where I did get help from the government through grants.. I also became a father during this time.. it is hard.. but.. it is possible if you don't give up! You will only get out of life what you put into it.. I hope all works out for her..

My life behind the welfare wall