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Schmidtville struggles to balance history and new development

Schmidtville just got some serious street cred. The small urban pocket of historic homes nestled behind Spring Garden Road is one of the top three Keep reading »


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One Pot Dry Pasta: Tomato Anchovy and White Bean Spaghettini

This tomato, anchovy and white bean spaghettini might be the best pasta you ever eat. Make this delicious dry pasta in one pot without boiling the noodles separately. Sauce and water in one pot, no kidding. Keep reading »

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Eat, drink, and be merry

With food and drink events around the city, enjoy a convivial Christmas in Halifax Keep reading »

Danny co-owns Innovative Beverages, is an importer of fine wines and is a CAPSAC-certified sommelier. Photo: Tammy Fancy


Celebration wines

For holiday festivities, you can't beat a sparkling wine Keep reading »

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A merry (debt-free) Christmas


Guest blogger Leanne Salyzyn is an insolvency counselor, licensed restructuring professional and trustee in bankruptcy. Post a comment or contact her on Twitter with your personal-finance questions. With less than a month to go before Christmas and, for most, only two pay periods away from the big day, are you ready? Merchants have certainly been ready since September. Their shelves are brimming with items to tempt us to spend. The average Canadian spends upwards of $800 on holiday spending, … Read More »


Game on!

Ryan Van Horne is a Halifax journalist, playwright and documentary film director. His work has appeared in magazines and newspapers from coast to coast and on his blog at Follow him on Twitter at @RyanVanHorne.

Kids playing street hockey aren't harming anyone, so why stop them? … Read More »

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No, we call them normal people who know that it is lunacy to be on a bicycle in the rain, snow, dark, and cold jousting with 2-ton metal machines in traffic. Trying to position cyclists as the only virtuous people on the roads as you have done really does not help your cause any.

We’re all in this together

I am all for cyclists respecting the rules and would never justify breaking the rules. But I think that motorists and pedestrians must also follow the rules of the road. As someone who has done all three, I see the discussion from various perspectives. As a cyclist and a pedestrian, I'm aware of the laws of physics that favours motor vehicles and being right doesn't protect me from those. When I go on the sidewalk, I am a pedestrian and get off my bike and walk it. However, I have been forced up on the sidewalk by motorists who have cut me off by putting their tires up against the curb instead of leaving space for me to get by on the right. Not wanting to swerve to the left because it would be more dangerous, I've gone up on the sidewalk to get around. Most motorists don't think they have to leave space between them and the curb for cyclists to get by. They think that cyclists should be forced to wait in traffic behind a long-lineup of cars. These same people think that slower-moving cyclists should move over on roads when it's not busy. Well, folks, that's not how give-and-take works. Like the headline says, we're in this together. I strongly encourage anyone who has not cycled in this city to get out and try it. See things from the perspective of a cyclist and keep an open mind.

We’re all in this together