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Aerial photo of the Cogswell land.


The home advantage

For Jacob Ritchie, good city building means using design to make a community stronger. “It’s more than just drawing pretty pictures,” he laughs. Keep reading »

The team at Dash Hudson, from left, co-founder Tomek Niewiarowski, lead iOS engineer Shali Liu, and co-founder Thomas Rankin. Photo: Dash Hudson


Dash Hudson to the rescue

A new made-in-Halifax app helps men shop for the best fashions with ease and efficiency Keep reading »

“I  have a very small space where I make my ice cream—about 400 square feet,” says Ditta Kasdan, owner of Dee Dees Ice Cream on Cornwallis Street. “I just got a larger machine that makes 15 litres at a time. My old machine made nine litres.” Photos: Submitted


The big scoop

The made-local trend hits ice cream, opening up a new world of flavours Keep reading »

Danny co-owns Innovative Beverages, is an importer of fine wines and is a CAPSAC-certified sommelier. Photo: Tammy Fancy


A wine for all seasons

With crisp whites, rosé and even sangria, summer offers lighter choices for summer dishes. But don’t forget the red Keep reading »

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Raise a little time

Last year's Timeraiser event.

The annual Timeraiser event provides an inspiring outlet for volunteers to connect with non-profits and earn unique local artwork at the same time … Read More »


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quite thought provoking article. If I my offer one correction. Credit Union model is not new to Canada. Though, perhaps, the sex workers credit union is indeed something that sex workers have formed in Kolkota/ India and running it very successfully. It is a trade association that also looks after its members rights and interests. This experiment is very different from what Prof Yunus did in Bangladesh (Grameen Bank). That bank is not a credit union. Credit union by definition is members controlled and governed, and for people working in marginal trades such as sex-workers, it can be a powerful institution for both financial services provision, but also for advocacy and protecting rights. thanks.

Reconsidering sex work

I've not lived in Halifax since 1984 but know about Africville: I can't believe that 30 years on, when the site was originally designated as the location for a bridge abutment, it is now a dog toilet - what does that say about a C21st nation?

Make things right in Africville