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Profile: Career lift

For structural engineers Daniel Grant and Erin Pieterse, The Big Lift was more than a job—it was the opportunity of a lifetime Keep reading »

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Must-try beers: Watering hole edition

Step out of your comfort zone and find a new drinking spot (and maybe a new beer) Keep reading »


Cortado Tasting Room offers a new coffee culture in Bedford

The partners of the Cortado Tasting Room bring new blends, tastes, and wider experiences of java to Bedford Keep reading »


Discover South American wines

Great taste, lots of variety, and an unbeatable price—look south to liven up your wine selections Keep reading »

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It was a crazy time. Both sides were pretty tough.

John Gorham’s controversial legacy

The same as Defensive Driving teaches, it isn't about who to blame, it is about staying safe. A simple PAUSE from pedestrians, recognizing that drivers DO NOT KNOW or observe the law, might save their life. We aren't blaming pedestrians, but they hold a lot of power to save themselves just by making eye contact with the drivers. If they are busy tweeting or texting and driving, you might want to wait even in a marked crosswalk before proceeding. Regarding ENFORCEMENT, it is a SAFETY issue, and should have a higher police priority than other GOTTA ENFORCE THE LAW excuses in recent non-lethal crimes. A simple empty police cruiser can work for 2 or three days, before you have to move it or put a police officer inside to enforce again. I have three-way school crosswalk, where I have filmed up to 70 cars a day, speed up to BLOW THROUGH stop signs, narrowly missing students, and other cars at the intersection. Yet, not even once a year, do we have enough Police Resources for that type of protection. BLAME EVERYONE! Drivers, AccessNS, Pedestrians, we all can do better to inform, observe, act defensively and enforce existing laws before such foolishness as fining some pedestrian for not pushing the GREEN WALK light signal. Where there is no enforcement, as you indicate, people become complacent, lax and careless. And that's when accidents happen. IMO

A crash course on crosswalks