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The Mist is an adaptation of Stephen King's novella "The Mist" from the book Skeleton Crew. Photo: Tammy Fancy


On the set of Stephen King’s The Mist

Nova Scotia’s film industry got a bit of a boost last year when The Mist started shooting in Halifax. The project couldn’t have come at a better time Keep reading »


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Consistency and quality at Edna Restaurant

I've lived in the same neighborhood since moving to Halifax, and Edna has been there just down the block for about the same amount of time. For the Keep reading »

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The Super Bowl’s primal appeal

Look beyond the chicken wings and cheap draft, sports bars provide a channel for our most ancient instincts Keep reading »

Danny co-owns Innovative Beverages, is an importer of fine wines and is a CAPSAC-certified sommelier. Photo: Tammy Fancy


New Year’s resolutions for wine lovers

Make a resolution you can keep: drink better wine in 2017 Keep reading »

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"Evidence" would also claim that 20 km/h is even safer and 10 km/h safer than that. It is a totally bogus argument if you do not take into account the value of time and the added congestion and undesirable behavior it would cause. What we now have works just fine.

Pedestrians aren’t to blame

Any comparison you make is irrelevant. The fact is that evidence proves that 30 is the ideal speed for city travel if your goal is safe sharing of the roads for all users. Compare it to whatever you'd like.

Pedestrians aren’t to blame