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Halifax Jazz Festival returns

The summer's biggest musical event is set to showcase international stars and local rising talents Keep reading »

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Must-try beers: Patio season

Summer is finally here. Get to a patio Keep reading »


Cortado Tasting Room offers a new coffee culture in Bedford

The partners of the Cortado Tasting Room bring new blends, tastes, and wider experiences of java to Bedford Keep reading »

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I tend to agree with you Erin. The authors contention that "You don’t hear a lot of gun-safety messages that say “Not getting shot is a shared responsibility. People need to put down their iPhones and stay out of the gun owner’s line of fire!” would only make sense if those getting shot were walking into clearly marked firing ranges. To compare being shot to being hit by a car is an absurd stretch of logic. Bottom line, if you are going to lose the fight, you should be the one primarily focused on avoiding it.

Pedestrians aren’t to blame

Great article, and I whole heartedly agree! Not every beer needs to be bursting with flavour or bitterness or acidity, local or not. While lots of vocal beer lovers choose local or craft, we're still in the small minority, and for small and medium local breweries to thrive, they do need to capture the domestic beer drinking market. Ugh, I dislike "craft" and "domestic", but I'm sure you get the idea.

Defending dad beer