February 2016

A taste of Korea in Halifax: Cabbage Patch Kimchi

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I pick up a beautiful jar of chopped up vegetables in a bright red pasty sauce. I turn the lid. It bubbles like a lightly sparkling wine. It smells strong, but good. It’s alive, ready to bring life to your food and guts. It’s kimchi. Jessie Palmer, owner of small batch kimchi business Cabbage Patch… Read More»

Nova Scotia’s California cousin

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In northern California, there is a little logging town called “Scotia.” According to a recent report in the¬†North Coast Journal, that name might have a Maritime inspiration. The town was¬†founded in 1863 as Forestville, but 25 years later, inhabitants decided to rename it because another nearby town had the same name. According to local legend,… Read More»

New Halifax Magazine blogger: Fateh Ahmed

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Editor’s Note: In November 2013, Suzanne Rent interviewed Fateh Ahmed for Halifax Magazine. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him better. As we’ve chatted, it’s been fascinating to hear about his unique journey to Halifax, how art shapes his world, and the opportunities he sees in this city. As a global… Read More»