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Progress on the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes park

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Public support for the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes urban wilderness park is growing and Halifax Council has noticed. In late October, a staff motion asked Council if it should “end the facilitated negotiation process” with three landowners to purchase 569 hectares of land to be part of the proposed Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes… Read More»

Still fighting for Blue Mountain Birch Coves Lake Park

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Truman Layton has gone camping in the woods of the proposed Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes regional park about 50 times. An avid outdoorsman, he’s also camped and hiked in New Zealand, Scotland and the Canadian Rockies, but says there is an “atmosphere that’s really different” about this area. Layton spoke as part of a… Read More»

A steady hand isn’t enough

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If Halifax is going to preserve the things that make it special, Mayor Mike Savage needs to take the lead

Fighting for a promise

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Haligonians keep pressure on government to create the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes park

Beer to the people

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I’m confident any journalist who has ever written about craft beer can back me up on this: it’s a tricky topic. Everyone has their favourites, and beer is very subjective. Your favourite beer may be an also-ran to me, and vice versa. That’s why most craft-beer stories play it safe: “Yay, these locals are doing… Read More»

Living well

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One of the best lessons I’ve learned as editor of Halifax Magazine is that amazing people are all around us, and often they’re hard to spot, until you hear their stories. Jody Miller is one of those people. In our cover story, she tells Sarah Sawler about her weight-loss journey, about how (at age 38)… Read More»