Trevor J. Adams

Going down the road

When local journalist Phil Croucher sat down to write his new book The Road to the NHL (MacIntyre Purcell Publishing), he knew he wasn’t going to make everyone ...

Persistence of vision

In an exclusive interview, Maestro Fresh Wes talks about 25 years at the top of the Canadian music scene, his acting career and writing his first book—a journey from Dick Van Dyke to Blue Rodeo...
Trevor J. Adams

Trevor J. Adams

Senior Editor

Editor of Halifax Magazine since Metro Guide Publishing began producing it five years ago, Trevor is a veteran journalist with a particular interest in stories about politics, urban development, CanLit and history. In September 2012, he published Long Shots: The Curious Story of the Four Maritime Teams That Played for the Stanley Cup, his first solo book. A Haligonian since 1994, he loves the city but doesn’t understand why it doesn’t have a single German pub.

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