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Must-try beers: Halifax essentials

Home to more than 10 breweries, three specialty liquor stores, and numerous beer bars, Halifax is the perfect spot for craft beer lovers.

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Photo by Kim Hart Macneill

Photo by Kim Hart Macneill

Tom Waits for No One (imperial stout)
Good Robot Brewing Co.
This breakfast stout is big on flavour. Heavy. Sweet. Smoky.

Peculiar (strong English ale)
Granite Brewery
“Granite still puts this place on the map.” Josh Council, Good Robot. This Yorkshire-style ale from Halifax’s oldest craft brewery is decorated with beer awards aplenty.

Propeller Brewing Co.
A dry, bitter brew with caramel notes and a spicy finish.

Double Orange (IPA)
Unfiltered Brewing
“I am an IPA guy, especially American style. This beer is citrusy and slightly bitter and my favourite beer in the city.” —Todd Beal, Maritime Beer Report

Tall Ship (amber ale)
Garrison Brewing Co.
Light and crisp. This golden-amber ale is a local mainstay.


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