Damn Fine Coffee Pale Ale
Good Robot Brewing
Who doesn’t want coffee in their breakfast beer? Especially tasty when paired with Rinaldo’s fried chicken breakfast biscuit on a Sunday morning/afternoon at the Good Robot tap room. –Peter Lionais, Tidehouse Brewing Company

Ringwood (blond ale)
Granite Brewery
A blond ale, lightly hopped with Fuggles. This brew from one of Halifax’s oldest breweries takes it’s name of the 125-year-old yeast strain it contains. “It’s refreshing with a nice ester profile.” –Kyle Jeppsen, Gahan House Harbourfront

Beer Geek Breakfast (oatmeal stout)
This big beer is smokey, with hints of chocolate and coffee, and lands at 7.5 per cent. “We’ll be serving on draught at one of our events featuring the Danish gypsy brewer on December 17, and then on January 14. It’s delicious.” –Chris Reynolds, Stillwell

Coffee Porter
Propeller Brewing Company
This beer is rich and features a big coffee nose and flavour. Notes of chocolate compliment the right hops/coffee bitterness balance. Grab a bottle now soon as stocks of this seasonal are running low.

Leo’s Early Breakfast IPA
Brasserie Dunham
Dunham, Q.C.
“This is a bit of a weird one, but breakfast is in the name so it’s got to be fine to consume before noon. An IPA, brewed with the addition of guava and Earl Grey tea, and some lovely hops.  As with most IPAs, this one is best fresh.” –Jeremy Taylor, 2 Crows Brewing Co.

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