Hell’s Anvil (dry stout)
Hell Bay Brewing Co.
Liverpool, N.S.
Meaty, smokey, and rich. This stout is the perfect example of the style. Find it at specialty liquour stores around Halifax.

Deception Bay (IPA)
Tatamagouche Brewing Co.
Tatamagouche, N.S.
This orange ale features hops aplenty: bittering Magnum, plus late additions of Huell Melon, Mandarina Bavaria, and Citra. The IBUs aren’t off the chart, but it offers big flavour and aroma.

Brekle’s Brown
Anchor Brewing Company
San Francisco, U.S.A.
Don’t be fooled by the tiny bottle. Big malt-bread flavours plus a light hop kick at the finish. Find it at Rockhead.

Rojo Mojo (red ale)
Sea Level Brewing
Port Williams, N.S.
A sweet and malty, medium bodied red. Find it at Bishop’s Cellar.

Nine Locks Brewing
Dartmouth, N.S.
Spicy, with a hint of honey, toast and pear. Splash out and grab an order of fish and chips to go with this can.

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