Cuvée René (gueuze)
Lindemans, Belgium
“Dry as a bone, tart and funky, this beer surprises absolutely everyone when they have their first sip. A great celebration beer, that also kills it at the dinner table.” —Chris Reynolds, Stillwell

Tecate (lager)
Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, Mexico
No, this isn’t a craft beer—but it’s different and tasty: a light refreshing lager and the best Mexican beer you’ll find this far north.

Citra Sunshine Slacker (IPA)
Evil Twin, United States
“Evil Twin is unique in that it brews in 10 different craft breweries across the U.S. Citra Sunshine Slacker is probably my favourite of their offerings. A crisp, fruity, sessionable IPA that doesn’t try too hard.” —Pam Crouse, Ladies Beer League

Pure Lager
Samuel Smith, England
This organic lager features subtle biscuit and herbal hop notes.

Laguinitas Brewing Company, United States
“A good solid one to drink. It is a bit nostalgic for me too as I sipped one in their beer garden in California while I listened to a bluegrass band play Ozzy Osborne.” —Todd Beal, Maritime Beer Report

Brooklyn Local 1 (Belgian strong pale ale)
Brooklyn Brewery, United States
Bottle conditioned, Belgian-inspired. Delivered in a corkfinished bottle for extra gravitas. A mainstay of New York’s craft-brew scene.

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