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Contest: The Trews

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NOTE: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Michelle Forrest! 

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to see The Trews live at the Marquee Ballroom on May 23, plus a copy of their latest album The Trews. To enter, post a comment below and tell us: What was the best live concert you saw in Halifax, and why? Everyone posting a comment (limit one per account) will be entered in our draw. Contest closes May 20.

  • Alex Pangman and the Jubilee Swing Orchestra at the 2012 JazzFest.

  • Serena Ryder!!!

  • Shane Pugh

    Ben Caplan and Hey Rosetta! on Georges Island in 2012. What a venue!

  • smitty99n

    The Trews and Stanfields at the Rebecca Cohn, bought last minute tickets and ended up in the second row. Amazing night!!

  • felicia

    I’ve never seen a concert. But this band sounds awesome. I’d love to go see them.

  • CDF

    Probably the Beach Boys at the Citadel….many years ago. It was actually my first live show I was there with family, and it was just such a great atmosphere – oh and probably also because my mother dropped her glasses in a porta-pottie…and got them back three days later.

  • Sarah

    Pearl Jam at the Metro Centre… I think it was 2005. Great setlist, great performance, great audience, great energy – Eddie Vedder, such a charmer!!

  • Todd Allison

    The Trews and Stanfields at the Rebecca Cohn

  • Joanne

    Any of the Trews concerts at the Cohen, especially their acustic shows. Especially liked when Tim Chaisson opened for and played with them.

  • Mary

    Leonard Cohn at the Cohen. The band and backup singers were top-notch, and he’s the coolest man in the world.

  • Manon Frauke Jung

    Christina Martin at the Carleton

  • K!M

    Great Big Sea – by FAR! Their energy was electric. They are the best performers and their music is amazing!

  • kelly

    Brian Adams.. pick which time!

  • Rachel

    I love live music of all types, but the concert that stands out is Metallica when they were on the hill..maybe because I wasn’t allowed to go when they were here in my youth and this was another chance (almost 20 years later). Thanks for nothing, Mom and Dad..I still got to see them (as a 30-something, but still)!

  • B Gracie

    Kiss, when I was 14. Great!

  • Colette

    Pretty hard to choose a favourite – Hey Rosetta and Ben Caplan on George’s Island in 2012 is hovering at the top though. Ben lost sound halfway through the set and kept powering through!

  • Cheryl

    Loverboy in the 80’s. My first concert. Lol

  • Xellerator2003

    Brad Paisley. He did a duet with a hologram of Allison Krauss performing their song Whiskey Lullaby. It was crazy. Everyone thought she was actually there.

  • porkchop0794

    the best live concert you saw in Halifax was Def Leppard, my fav band

  • kelly

    Garth Brooks because it was a awesome concert and my first!!

  • P MacLEod

    Now I am showing my age, One of the best concert was Steve Earle and the DUkes, at the Misty Moon on Barringont St. in the mid 80’s. Band was really tight and smokin.

  • KarenSmith

    I’ve seen a LOT of exceptional music in Halifax but, one very memorable concert was Rush in the mid 1980’s as I’d just moved here at 19 to go to NSCAD and went with a group of class mates. Pretty freaking mind-blowing for a youngster! Uber cool!

  • hancrawf

    Great Big Sea, because in NS everyone knows every word!

  • Diane

    It’s a tie – City and Color at the Rebecca Cohn and Crash Test Dummies at the Carleton. Both concerts were fabulous – great venue and fabulous artists!

  • Jessica

    Metallica on Citadel Hill

  • Steve

    Queens of the Stone Age at Cunard centre

  • Trews fan!

    Paul Simon certainly is right up there on the list of many Halifax concerts I’ve attended, but the Trews at the Rebecca Cohen was wicked too!

  • Blue Rodeo at the ol’ Crazy Horse Cabaret in 1988. Technically, it was in Dartmouth though, so if it has to be in Halifax, I’d say a Joel Plaskett solo show at The Carleton in February 2010.

  • Austin Romano

    Green Day Halloween Night 1995

  • Glenn

    There have been many great shows over the years but Stevie Ray Vaughan’s show at the Metro Centre with The Stray Cats in Aug ’89 caught him at his best. I’m a huge guitar fan and SRV was at the top of the game back in the day. He had just come clean after battling his demons for many years and his In Step album which he had just released was among his best ever and was a direct result of his beating those demons. I was lucky to see him before he died tragically just a year later … almost to the day. RIP Stevie.

  • July 28th 2013, George’s Island, THE TREWS. Went a little something like this :
    Got 8 jagerbombs into my system, got a ride to the waterfront, RAN down the boardwalk to find out the LAST boat was leaving, made our way to the very front, yelled at John Angus to let him know it was my birthday and I am from Antigonish. My best friend insisted he would not hear me….. and boy did I prove her wrong 🙂
    ERMERGERD – so much fun!

  • Emilyd

    Elton John at the Metro Center! Him and his piano for a full 3 hours!

  • Heather Smith

    George’s Island last summer 🙂

  • Mallory

    The Offspring at the Virgin Mobile Festival

  • Kory

    The Trews of course!

  • Vince

    The Trews on George’s Island melted my face directly off my face good thing I brought a bucket to catch my face when it melted off they rocked so hard I thought George’s Island was going to sink and at the time I was ok with that lol

  • Alana Beck

    The best live concert I saw in Halifax was Hedley. Partly because it was a good show, but mainly because it’s the ONLY concert I’ve seen in Halifax minus elementary school concerts. (Sorry kids).

  • Lisa Michelle Ito

    Full on tie between Lenny Kravitz at the metro centre and The Trews acoustic tour at the Seahorse.

    Kravitz.. Because he’s a crazy musician…. Trews for the atmosphere and the intimate broken down set.

  • Daniel Haigh

    Delhi 2 Dublin @ The Paragon about 2 years ago. There was such high energy from both the band and the crowd. It was amazing.

  • the1drunkduck

    For me it’s a toss up between Ben Harper on the Hill and Pearl Jam in the Metro Centre. Those we’re bear perfect shows, the band, crowd and the atmosphere were all in sync and made for legendary nights of music.

  • Michelle Forrest

    Best live concert? Hedley their previous tour. My daughter’s were thrilled to have opening acts by their new hometown Classified! And their previous hometown Karl Wolfe! Plus the Trews have a special place in our hearts because we are originally from the Antigonish area.

  • pierre

    every time I’ve seen Rich Aucoin (including last night at the Marquee), he just has a great performance and attitude and the crowd really gets into it!

  • Bethany

    I’ve seen Joel Plaskett a million times and couldn’t possibly choose, but perhaps best experience was when he played Alexander Keith’s birthday in 2005. Weather was amazing, beer was cheap – good times were had by all.

  • chrissy

    crash test dummies and alanis morrisette! brad roberts version of brittany spears “baby one more time” was AMAZING and alanis made the metro centre feel very intimate

  • Julie Parsons Moreash

    Paul McCartney at the Halifax Commons… is an explanation really needed? #Legendary

  • Christina

    Meatloaf. It was the best because I wore my Bat out of Hell t-shirt everyday in Grade 4 afterward !

  • Liane

    Old man Ludecke at the carlton. I love small venues, and the opening act (can’t remember his name, an aussie) was also great.


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