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brooklyn-local Halifax Magazine Beer Guide

Must-try beers: International appeal

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Craft beer fans worldwide know these must-try beers. Find them at private liquor stores around Halifax.

Photo: Trevor J. Adams

Must-try ciders

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Some folks will tell you cider isn’t really beer. Those people are mirthless curmudgeons; avoid them and enjoy your cider.

Nova Scotia beer roadtrip map

Must-try beers: Road trippin’

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Get a designated driver and hit the road to explore these well-worth-the-trip Nova Scotian beer destinations.


Did we miss your favourite beer?

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Did we miss your favourite beer? Want to give a shout out to your favourite brewery? Vote below and you could see your recommendation added to future editions of the Halifax Magazine Beer Guide.

Photo: Trevor J. Adams

Must-try beers: True patriot love

By |

Selection varies from week to week, but you’ll often find these cross-Canada classics at Halifax’s private liquor stores. Snag them when you see them

Photo: Trevor J. Adams

Must-try beers: Beers you might have missed

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The beer scene in this neck of the woods grows so fast that you’ll miss something great if you rest. Here’s a mix of old favourites and new creations you should seek out.

Photo by Kim Hart Macneill

Must-try beers: Halifax essentials

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Home to more than 10 breweries, three specialty liquor stores, and numerous beer bars, Halifax is the perfect spot for craft beer lovers.

Photo by Steve Smith/VisionFire

A new spin on beer

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Spindrift’s Kellye Robertson produces beer that stands out from pack


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