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Stand-up for Halifax

My life changed when a comedy club opened in Halifax in 1986. It was a Yuk Yuks and I worked up the courage to do an amateur night. I bombed. I remember my open...

The lost world

On a recent visit to AGNS last month, I spent most of my time in a small, dim gallery in the company of several other people, all of us enthralled with The Fift...

The artists of summer

I spent a recent afternoon popping in to several galleries in Halifax, looking at the various group shows. In just over two hours, I saw works by over 100 artis...

It’s a different world

Not long ago, I visited a patient in a Halifax hospital and when I passed the nursing station, caught myself comparing what they were wearing and how they were ...

Curiouser and curiouser

There has long been a debate about the relative importance of fine art and craft, one that boils down to use: if it functions, it’s craft. If it doesn’t, it’s a...
taxi 2

Signs of hope

A few years ago I was lucky enough to appear on CBC Radio’s The Debaters, taped here in Halifax, and I enjoyed myself. It was fun to try and persuade the people...
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