More great news and insight on life in Halifax

Exploding the stereotypes

About a month ago, Rob Lowe, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, made a joke about the Halifax Explosion. It wasn’t a great joke, suggesting that the explosion...

The Closer Together Things Are

The title of this engaging exhibition, The Closer Together Things Are, begs a conclusion: the closer together things are, the more alike they are. Or, the easie...

Halifax Water to the rescue

Splash. I hear a faint sound as I step onto the curb from my partner’s car on Spring Garden Road. I peer down at my feet, and into a deep sewer grate. The wa...

The power of female friendship

Shary Boyle and Emily Vey Duke have been friends for twenty years. The artists met in Halifax, where the Nova Scotian Duke was attending NSCAD. Boyle, who has s...

Down to earth

When he was nine years old, Chris Hadfield yearned to be an astronaut. When he was 35, he was preparing for launch as part of the flight crew of the shuttle Atl...
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