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A new home for the North End Community Health Centre

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This story is an update to “Pay now or pay later: the North End Community Health Centre dilemma.” After months of waiting to learn what action if any the province will take to help the North End Community Heath Centre with its crumbling building, the answer is finally in: the centre will move in 2017.… Read More»

Getting back on the horse

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In Year of the Horse, Marjorie Simmins chronicles her return to horseback riding after an injury

Kyle Jackson named Canadian Museum of Immigration artist in residence

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As most of her passengers slept in their berths, RMS Empress of Ireland collided with another ship in the fog on May 29, 1914. The ocean liner sunk in just 15 minutes, taking with it 1,012 of the 1,477 passengers and crew aboard. Though it’s Canada’s largest peacetime maritime accident, many people are unaware of… Read More»

Nova Scotia’s California cousin

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In northern California, there is a little logging town called “Scotia.” According to a recent report in the North Coast Journal, that name might have a Maritime inspiration. The town was founded in 1863 as Forestville, but 25 years later, inhabitants decided to rename it because another nearby town had the same name. According to local legend,… Read More»

Surviving the Season

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Guest blogger Leanne Salyzyn is an insolvency counselor, licensed restructuring professional and trustee in bankruptcy. Post a comment or contact her on Twitter with your personal-finance questions. I recently signed up for a yoga program in an attempt to calm my thoughts and strengthen the inner me. The class has been teaching me to slow… Read More»


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