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Redemption Songs book explores Nova Scotia’s history of racism

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In October 1937, entrepreneur and civil rights activist Marcus Garvey made a historic speech at Menelik Hall in Whitney Pier. The most enduring phrase of that speech, which was titled “The Work That Has Been Done,” is this: “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but… Read More»

Playwright Michael Melski debuts Creepy and Little Manson with Eastern Front Theatre

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Playwright and director Michael Melski  is back on the stage in Halifax this week with his latest work Creepy and Little Manson. The play explores the real-life relationship between Charles Manson and legendary gangster Alvin “Creepy” Karpis. The two formed a relationship over guitar lessons during Manson’s second stint in jail, before the crimes he’s best known for organizing.… Read More»

Atlantic Film Festival recap: Atlantic Shorts 6

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At this year’s Atlantic Film Festival there were a total of 13 different shorts program, six of which fell into the Atlantic Shorts category and showcased Atlantic Canadia filmmakers. Atlantic Shorts 6 featured a variety of genres including stop-motion animation, documentary and drama. Transfer Christopher Spencer-Lowe’s short film, Transfer is the story of Ben, a transfer… Read More»

Atlantic Film Festival recap: State of Mine

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Despite an engaging title and synopsis, Jennifer Hogg’s documentary State of Mine, left me wanting more. State of Mine is, in a way, a documentary within a documentary. It follows photographer Chris Geworsky as he photographs musicians for his newest portrait exhibition, which is also called State of Mine. The exhibition is an exploration of… Read More»

Atlantic Film Festival recap: Lure

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“We are all monsters.” This pointed, yet brief line from the final moments of Jesse Harley’s Lure is one that that will resonate with its audience long after the credits have rolled. Lure, which premiered on September 12 at the Atlantic Film Festival, tells the story of Rebecca Markowitz (Andrea Norwood). She is a post-graduate… Read More»

Paul Kimball returns to the Atlantic Film Festival

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For Halifax’s Paul Kimball, the 2014 Atlantic Film Festival is more than a place to showcase his recent work: it’s a return to the spotlight after a four year break. At the 2010 festival, Kimball premiered his first feature, Eternal Kiss. It’s the story of a filmmaker who sets out to make a documentary about… Read More»

Out at the movies—the OutEast Film Festival returns

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Just three years since its first screening, the Out East Queer Film Festival has become a force on Atlantic Canada’s cinema scene. The festival, which runs June 12 to 15 at Neptune Theatre’s Studio Stage, owes its success to its ability to attract a broad audience. “Out East is very accessible,” says Andria Wilson, festival… Read More»


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