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Redemption Songs book explores Nova Scotia’s history of racism

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In October 1937, entrepreneur and civil rights activist Marcus Garvey made a historic speech at Menelik Hall in Whitney Pier. The most enduring phrase of that speech, which was titled “The Work That Has Been Done,” is this: “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but… Read More»

Field cookies

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Fuel for a cross-Canada journey

Must-try beers: Take a growler home

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Fire up Netflix and curl up with a growler tonight. Here are five beers available on tap around the city

A new home for the North End Community Health Centre

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This story is an update to “Pay now or pay later: the North End Community Health Centre dilemma.” After months of waiting to learn what action if any the province will take to help the North End Community Heath Centre with its crumbling building, the answer is finally in: the centre will move in 2017.… Read More»

Getting back on the horse

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In Year of the Horse, Marjorie Simmins chronicles her return to horseback riding after an injury


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