More great news and insight on life in Halifax

The artists of summer

I spent a recent afternoon popping in to several galleries in Halifax, looking at the various group shows. In just over two hours, I saw works by over 100 artis...

It’s a different world

Not long ago, I visited a patient in a Halifax hospital and when I passed the nursing station, caught myself comparing what they were wearing and how they were ...

Curiouser and curiouser

There has long been a debate about the relative importance of fine art and craft, one that boils down to use: if it functions, it’s craft. If it doesn’t, it’s a...
taxi 2

Signs of hope

A few years ago I was lucky enough to appear on CBC Radio’s The Debaters, taped here in Halifax, and I enjoyed myself. It was fun to try and persuade the people...

Going abstract in Halifax

Abstraction was the most enduring innovation of modern art and remains the default when people think about contemporary or experimental art. But abstraction ...
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