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The opinionated Craft Beer Week guide

By |

As beer lovers across the province celebrate local libations, Halifax Magazine has your guide to trying everything


‘I just like bikes’

By |

Aussie expat Ashleigh Boers is an outspoken ambassador for earth-friendly transportation

Drinking Coffee_DSC_6936

Paint the town

By |

As Halifax shuts down street art, other cities promote it. Why are we missing out?

Buying your first home in Halifax

By |

Ready to make your move? Halifax Magazine has everything the first-time home buyer needs to know

Moving away to move on

By |

After being convicted of a notorious theft, Brenda Matheson left Halifax to get her life on track. Now, she wants to come home

Ride of a lifetime

By |

Dr. Bruce Crooks bikes across Canada to raise money for the fight against children’s cancer

Halifax will never be the same

By |

What does an unprecedented year of development mean for our city? What does the future hold?


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