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Keep on truckin’

By |

Restaurateur Bill Pratt’s latest dining adventure marries food-truck flavours with a unique food-court concept

Live behind the line

By |

Chef Richard Julien blends his passion for food and teaching in a cooking class at his new restaurant

Behind-the-scenes cuisine

By |

The Open Kitchen Food Tour takes people behind the scenes of some of Halifax’s hottest culinary spots

Culinary adventures

By |

For proof that Nova Scotia’s food and wine scene can hold its own with any in the world, look no further than Savour

Unconventional cuts

By |

Halifax restaurants offer unique dining experiences and more sustainable cuisine

Traditional tastes

By |

Long a rite of autumn for farmers, old-style charcuterie is making a big comeback in Halifax

The big scoop

By |

The made-local trend hits ice cream, opening up a new world of flavours

Meals on wheels

By |

Halifax has finally begun embracing food-truck culture


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