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A new event celebrates Nova Scotia’s thriving craft-beer scene

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Nova Scotia has a long history of crafting beer, all the way back to the earliest days of European settlement. And lately, the province has enjoyed an explosion of craft beer. In October 2015, the second Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards took place with a total of 152 entries from four provinces in 16 different categories. Concurrently,… Read More»

Pairing film and wine

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Hunkering down for a movie night? Class it up with some creative combinations

An apple a day

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Often overshadowed by the craft-beer explosion, craft cider is one of Nova Scotia’s tastiest drinks

For the love of tequila

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Is there any more misunderstood alcoholic beverage than the much-maligned tequila? Yes, we all have stories of late night encounters with Mr. Jose Cuervo from our youth, but I wonder why so many still spread that bad reputation across the entire spectrum of this finely crafted spirit? Those of us who are true fans of… Read More»

Reconsidering rum

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Long considered a low-brow drink, rum boasts a world of premium flavours—just don’t mix it with Coke


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