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It’s more than just the beer

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Supporting local brewers lets you boost businesses that support your community and share your values

Editor’s message: We still have to fight for women’s rights in politics

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I was in my early 20s when Francene Cosman entered provincial politics and won the riding of Bedford-Fall River. I remember seeing her campaign signs on lawns in the area when she ran, and won, in 1993. So, I enjoyed Jon Tattrie’s profile of Cosman (see profile here). But I was disturbed, too, by what… Read More»

A crash course on crosswalks

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Want to cut down on pedestrian-driver crashes? Enforce the crosswalk rules

Pedestrians aren’t to blame

By |

Shared responsibility is a misleading message. Let’s try something new, Halifax

Speak up for your city

By |

If you’re concerned about how your city is changing, if you want a say in how it’s changing, you need to speak up now

Four more years

By |

Halifax has elected its new government. Will anything change?

Beer to the people

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I’m confident any journalist who has ever written about craft beer can back me up on this: it’s a tricky topic. Everyone has their favourites, and beer is very subjective. Your favourite beer may be an also-ran to me, and vice versa. That’s why most craft-beer stories play it safe: “Yay, these locals are doing… Read More»

Editorial: Love this town

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As Halifax basks in summer, hard-working magazine editors need a break from trying to solve the city’s problems


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