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Editor’s message: We still have to fight for women’s rights in politics

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I was in my early 20s when Francene Cosman entered provincial politics and won the riding of Bedford-Fall River. I remember seeing her campaign signs on lawns in the area when she ran, and won, in 1993. So, I enjoyed Jon Tattrie’s profile of Cosman (see profile here). But I was disturbed, too, by what… Read More»

A crash course on crosswalks

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Want to cut down on pedestrian-driver crashes? Enforce the crosswalk rules

Pedestrians aren’t to blame

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Shared responsibility is a misleading message. Let’s try something new, Halifax

Speak up for your city

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If you’re concerned about how your city is changing, if you want a say in how it’s changing, you need to speak up now

Four more years

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Halifax has elected its new government. Will anything change?

Beer to the people

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I’m confident any journalist who has ever written about craft beer can back me up on this: it’s a tricky topic. Everyone has their favourites, and beer is very subjective. Your favourite beer may be an also-ran to me, and vice versa. That’s why most craft-beer stories play it safe: “Yay, these locals are doing… Read More»

Editorial: Love this town

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As Halifax basks in summer, hard-working magazine editors need a break from trying to solve the city’s problems

The terrible beauty of Peggy’s Cove

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Every summer, we invite people from around the world to come visit Nova Scotia. Hell, we practically beg them. Our economy, particularly our rural economy, depends on them. We entice them with photos of the rugged coast, the mighty Atlantic breaking over ageless rocks. Tall lighthouses stand sentinel. It’s all very captivating. We can talk… Read More»


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