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Visiting Battery Park

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On a rainy Sunday eve, the crowd at Battery Park beer bar in downtown Dartmouth is sparse, but you get the impression the guest are from the neighbourhood; they look relaxed, like they have sat on those stools before. It’s my fourth time visiting Battery Park, and the only time I haven’t seen it packed.… Read More»

Sunny Sips & Snacks: 3 New Patios to Visit Now in Halifax

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As the warm weather is finally here, were looking to make the most of the rays. There are a few new patios in the city that set themselves apart from the rest with original details to make the eating, lounging, and imbibing that much more relaxing and memorable. Patio One: Stillwell Beergarden on Spring Garden… Read More»

The Best of Tidal Bay: A Top 3 for the 2015 Vintage

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“Canada’s Ocean Playground” boasts spectacular coastal drives, top-notch seafood, beautiful beaches, and pristine ocean vistas. Tidal Bay, a signature Nova Scotian style of wine made from slow ripening, high-acidity aromatic grapes, is quickly becoming another point of pride. Each year a spring event hosted in Halifax’s downtown called 12 Tides put on by The Winery Association of… Read More»

Green Goodness Smoothie Bowl, or a cure for the common hangover

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I have no problem eating vegetables but some of you, like parents tricking children, need to find a way to hide your leafy greens in your diet. This smoothie, full of kale, is a fantastic way to trick yourself. Chia seeds provide protein, banana and melon give sweetness, and the milk brings it all together.  Top… Read More»

Downtown Halifax’s Beaver Sailor Diner outshines its name

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So, first it was pho, then ramen (we’re still in love), and now what? It doesn’t matter, we just want to slurp comfort noodles, we want more salt and fat, and I have good news. It’s pretty unassuming and with the exception of its eyebrow-raising name, this Chinese noodle house isn’t crying for attention. Beaver Sailor has been… Read More»

Sweet and Salty Asian Pork Ribs

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When one eats ribs, most of the enjoyment is the sticky saucy mess. The sauce in this rib recipe is delicious, the best balance of sweet, tangy and funky (from my favourite Southeast Asian condiment, fish sauce, which is the secret weapon of flavour in Thai food), and coats every rib. I’m done with cooking ribs as… Read More»

A taste of Korea in Halifax: Cabbage Patch Kimchi

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I pick up a beautiful jar of chopped up vegetables in a bright red pasty sauce. I turn the lid. It bubbles like a lightly sparkling wine. It smells strong, but good. It’s alive, ready to bring life to your food and guts. It’s kimchi. Jessie Palmer, owner of small batch kimchi business Cabbage Patch… Read More»


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