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Go play outside

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Don’t hibernate! With the right attire, you can ski, snowboard, and snowshoe your way to a fitter, happier winter

Photo: Contributed

The gift of culture

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Looking for something unique and local? Consider giving art this Christmas

Shelby Lendrum is the owner of P'lovers. It was one of the first stores in the city to emphasize local and
environmentally friendly products. Photo: Contributed

The thought that counts

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As the holiday season approaches, choosing local, ethically made goods makes a lot of sense

Photo: Jessica Emin

Fashion forward

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The Nova Incubator offers a groundbreaking alternative for the growing East Coast fashion and garment industry


Bodies in motion

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Contributing writer Meaghan Philpott rolled out her mat to practice three of Halifax’s hottest yoga styles

Photo: Lindsay Duncan

Clothes by curator

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At her Makenew boutique, Anna Gilkerson finds new owners for recycled styles

Photo: Suzanne Rent


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Room 152 and Brilliant Clothing tap into a local love of designer fashion at accessible prices

Photo: Tammy Fancy

Best foot forward

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John Ingram has built a lifelong love of shoes into a thriving downtown shop


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