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Illustration by Derrick Chow

The wheel keeps turning

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Halifax Magazine looks at 2014’s most important news stories, and what 2015 holds for Halifax

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Wi-Fi to the people

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Other Maritime cities have had free public Wi-Fi for years—why is Halifax still waiting?

Photo: Jeff Cooke

Engineering excellence

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Methodical training, focus and determination power paddler Mark de Jonge to the top of his sport

L-R: The Dennis Building; Wright's Building; (top) A.M. Bell and Co.; (bottom) Keith Building

What’s in a name?

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Amidst exciting new developments, we explore the rich histories of some of the downtown’s most iconic buildings

CeaseFire Halifax. Photo: Randal Tomada

Curing the violence

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CeaseFire Halifax connects with the community and looks to eliminate gun violence


Back to their roots

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Influential Halifax rockers Sloan get back to basics with a bold new album