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Photos: Chris Benjamin

Paradise found

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Halifax’s urban core is surrounded by a wealth of protected areas, thanks to progressive legislation by the province. Will our city government go further, stall, or reverse wildlands protection?

Photo credit (left): Randal Tomada

More than a party

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Summer festivals are a good time, but how important are they really to Halifax?

Photo: Jamie Morrison

So near, yet so far

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McNab’s Island—a green gem in the heart of the city, inaccessible to most Haligonians


Summer reading guide

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From cooking to high drama, there’s a rich variety of East Coast lit to explore this summer

The sales team at Trade Centre Limited who are booking conventions for the Halifax Convention Centre include Dawn Baldwin (right), director of sales, Scott Ferguson, president and CEO, and Shari Landry (middle), senior sales manager, Canadian Association Market. Photo: Steve Jess

Out of thin air

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How do you drum up business for a convention centre that is going to be a work-in-progress for years to come?

Whittingham-Lamont checks in with Chief Engineer Liu Dongliang aboard Zim Shanghai. Photo: Steve Jess

Safe in the harbour

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Sailors from around the world ply their trade in Halifax. And when they need help, Mission to Seafarers is here for them

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Choosing silence

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It’s the kind of problem people only discuss after elections, when it’s too late—why aren’t young people voting?

Top (l-r): Carole-Ann Miller, President
Maple Trade Finance Inc.; Scott Ferguson, President & CEO 
Trade Centre Limited; Malcolm Fraser, CEO
ISL; Jean-Paul Deveau, President Acadian Seaplants; Joyce Carter, CEO Halifax International Airport Authority. Bottom (l-r): Ian Wilson, President
Wilson Fuel Co.; Dianne Kelderman, President and CEO Nova Scotia Co-operative Council; Richard Florizone, President Dalhousie University; Chuck Cartmill, CEO LED Roadway Lighting; Phil Otto, CEO Revolve

Which way forward?

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Everyone seems to agree with the Ivany Report’s conclusions, but there is little consensus on what Nova Scotia must do to escape its economic doldrums

Ghettosocks (left) and Uncle Fester from The Extremities. Photo: Scott Munn

JazzFest essentials

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Local talent and a night of music unlike anything you’ll ever see—our insiders’ guide to Halifax’s biggest musical celebration