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Barrie Clarke, adjunct professor of earth sciences at Dalhousie University, shown here in a file photo, has completed his  personal quest to find out where the granite in the tombstones for the Titanic victims buried in Halifax was quarried. His extensive, world-wide search had led him to the region, and then to a quarry in Bocabec, which bears stone almost certain to be those used to mark the graves of those lost in the Titanic disaster. Photo: Kathy Bockus/Courier

The story behind Halifax’s Titanic tombstones

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This story was originally published in the St. Croix Courier, which (like Halifax Magazine) is owned by Advocate Printing. Barrie Clark has solved the mystery. The black gabbro tombstones marking the graves of 150 victims of the Titanic were shipped to Halifax from the now long-defunct Charles Hanson quarry in Bocabec. “We’ve got really strong evidence to… Read More»

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