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Photo: Dalhousie University

Caring deeply for the dying

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Meet the Halifax researcher working to change how Canadians think about assisted death

John Greatwich, owner of Great Pinball Ltd. Photo: Rachael Shrum

Flipping out over pinball

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The Halifax Pinball league brings together the game’s local fans

Stock photo.

Vince’s journey

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Prescription-drug abuse is killing Nova Scotians and ruining lives. Solving the problem is a tough fight

Kate Watson, candidate District 5—Dartmouth Centre

Born to run

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Long hours, a rough ride on social media, and knocking on thousands of doors–what does it take to run for a seat on HRM Council?

The family’s pride is evident as they sit, legs crossed, wearing the brightly coloured, matching,  traditional outfits. Tiny fingers keep perfect time as the sound of an African
drum reverberates throughout the home. Mom, dad, and the five children are playing, but someone is missing. Photo: Kayla Hounsell

A family fights malaria

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After his daughter’s death, Olugu Ukpai devoted his life to fixing the immigration system for other families

Photo by Steve Smith/VisionFire

With a little help from your boss

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With a unique student-loan-repayment program, a Dartmouth businessman invests in young talent


Welcome but not equal

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Next month, Halifax elects a new government, but the newest Haligonians won’t get their say

Photo by Lois Legge

Fighting for a promise

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Haligonians keep pressure on government to create the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes park


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