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Photos courtesy the Sutherland Family 
and the Army Museum in Halifax

Nova Scotia’s No. 2 Construction Battalion—trailblazing First World War heroes

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As the First World War raged in April and July 1916, the Canadian army recruited new construction battalions. The Canadian military grew throughout the war and at the time, the new battalions seemed like routine announcements. Innocuously, identified as No. 2 Construction Battalion, the July addition to Canada’s order of battle was actually a radical… Read More»

Trevor J. Adams, Photo: Tammy Fancy

The terrible beauty of Peggy’s Cove

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Every summer, we invite people from around the world to come visit Nova Scotia. Hell, we practically beg them. Our economy, particularly our rural economy, depends on them. We entice them with photos of the rugged coast, the mighty Atlantic breaking over ageless rocks. Tall lighthouses stand sentinel. It’s all very captivating. We can talk… Read More»