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When France lost Halifax

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Looking back at a disaster that ended French control of the region and devastated the native population


Three’s a crowd

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How do parents get their groove back after baby? Dalhousie University researchers are working on it


The more things change

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From winter weather to the halls of Parliament, 2015 was a year of change in Halifax. But what will be different in 2016?

Photo: Submitted

Second life

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After an unexpected departure from federal politics, Megan Leslie considers her next step

Photo: Nova Scotia Archives

Truth is the first casualty

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When the Halifax Explosion hit, wild rumours quickly spread to newspapers around the world—Halifax Magazine looks back

Photos: Aaron McKenzie Fraser. First published in Reader's Digest (March 2014).

59 unsolved murders

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Former Halifax detective Tom Martin says the city is taking the wrong approach to solving its abundance of cold cases

Photos: Tammy Fancy

Bingo with a buzz

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With loud music, lively players, and a rollicking atmosphere, Cosmic Bingo puts a new spin on an old game