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Leceta Chisholm Guiabault

A life of purpose

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Leceta Chisholm Guibault finds meaning by making a difference in Guatemala

Terry Dwyer, left, and fellow instructors take the RCMP Underwater Recovery Team out to practice with side-scan sonar imaging. Photo: Katrina Pyne

Diving for answers

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Terry Dwyer’s unique Shipwreck School finds answers beneath the waves, bringing closure to grieving families.

Soon, our addiction for fossil fuels will be too costly to maintain. What will Halifax do then? 
Illustration: Derrick Chow

Behind the curtain

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Government policies on sustainability are opaque and inconsistent. But Halifax city staffers say they value your input, and are working to better
share information with you

Photo: Mark Currie

Evolution of a vision

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After considerable public input, plans for the Bedford waterfront continue to progress

Left to right: Tak Kikuchi, David Kikuchi, Mary Kikuchi, Crystal Kikuchi. Photo: Tammy Fancy

Faster, higher, stronger

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Halifax’s Alta Gymnastics Club is in the business of building champions

Photo: Philip Moscovitch

The Russians are coming

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Halifax’s Jewish community has been helping attract dozens of new Canadians, but a new government program has quashed its efforts

Boris Worm

Save the shark

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Despite its mighty image, the shark is in grave danger—Halifax research Boris Worm is coming to its rescue

Tagging and tracking thousands of animals, 
researchers at Dalhousie’s Ocean Tracking Network are changing how we understand our oceans. Photo: Bruce Murray/VisionFire. 
Art direction: Suzanne Rent

Brain power

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In Halifax labs, dozens of researchers are working to build a better world. Halifax Magazine shares some of their stories

Photo: Steve Farmer

Conversations with the world

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Under Ray Cronin’s leadership, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Is helping to shape our city and our province