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Unplugging and resetting at the Floatation Centre

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Editor’s Note: Abby Cameron is editor of The Enfield Weekly Press/The Lakerwhich (like Halifax Magazine) is owned by Advocate Printing & Publishing.

For Lindsay MacPhee, a divorce and cross-country move from Vancouver to Halifax for an engineering position that ended up falling through while she was making the move, helped her finding clarity in the most unlikely of situations.

MacPhee was introduced to the power of positivity at an early age. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she always made meditation and positive energy a part of her life.

But, while living in Vancouver, life threw her curveballs. Once the engineering job fell through, she knew it was time for a big change.

“Meditation is a central part of my lifestyle, and I have spent my time focusing on one fundamental question: What is my dharma? Or, how can I serve? During my first floatation experience, at Cloud 9 Float Spa in Abbotsford, B.C., I received insight for how to do this: go home, move back to Nova Scotia.”

The Floatation Centre was born.

Her centre, while more about meditation and positive mind-body connection, will offer her clients a well rounded full bodied approach to health.Macphee1-web

Deprivation tanks are great for not only meditation, but also great for athletes who put their body under a lot of stress from athletics, and people who suffer from chronic pain, such as that from Fibromyalgia.

Magnesium is absorbed by the skin during a float session. It can regulate blood pressure, assist in detoxification, and can prevent cardiovascular disease.

And the benefits for your mind are endless. A float session can enhance your mediation and mindfulness practices, it can reduce stress, depression and anxiety with the increased production of dopamine and endorphins (the neurotransmitters responsible for mood elevation). And, the precursor to stress (Cortisol) has its production slowed, which allows for deep states of rest.

One float session can be as beneficial as four to six hours of deep sleep.

MacPhee has known these benefits for years. She’s excited to share it with those she loves and all of the Floatation Centre’s clients.

“I have a zest and a passion for life.  Enabling those around me to be the very best version of them is what motivates me,” she said. “Floating enhances mindfulness, promotes relaxation and rehabilitation, and is a powerful tool that enables people to gather insight.  It is a luminous experience that I am excited to share with my community.

She also recognizes that it might be a little out there for some, but adds you can always modify a float to your speed and comfort level.

“I’m sure there’s going to be some nay-sayers or people who might not have the experience they were expecting,” said MacPhee. “It’s one of those things that you have to give it a few times. The first time I did it, I was really nervous. If you feel uncomfortable, get out of the tank for a bit, or they can leave the door open a crack.”

But The Flotation Centre’s benefits will go much beyond floating. MacPhee has brought in a team of experts who share the same mind-body health philosophy and will be offering Bowen Therapy, a soft-tissue technique that is a great compliment to floating; massage therapy; naturopathic medicine; dietetics; and pain programs.



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