Gallery: The story behind the story

Read Katie Ingram’s story from our July issue about North from Nova Scotia, a temporary exhibit at the Maritime of Museum of the Atlantic focusing on how NovaScotia connects to the Arctic

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  • North From NS
    Pop-up signs near the exhibit tell viewers what's on the horizon at in the special exhibit space.
  • North From Nova Scotia2
    A museum technician works on a replica cairn, a key interactive element of the exhibit, as seen through a viewing window in the construction wall.
  • North From Nova Scotia3
    Museum technicians Corey Mullins (left) and Troy Cole (right) work on the cairn activity area.
  • North From Nova Scotia4
    Museum technician Corey Mullins (left) prepares a stand alone display wall, while fellow technician Troy Cole (right) works on the cairn replica.
  • North From Nova Scotia5
    Museum curators Roger Marsters (left) and Gerry Lunn (right) discuss the placement and mounting of artifacts in one of the exhibit display cases.
  • North From Nova Scotia6
    Museum curators Gerry Lunn (left) and Roger Marsters (right) carefully installing a cane made from the tusk of a Narwhal into the exhibit.
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