I will always remember the young boy who, upon receiving his first library card at the Bedford branch of the Halifax Public Libraries, exclaimed to his mother “Now I have a licence to read!”

Today, a library card gives you free license to go well beyond access to reading. In Bedford, that means you have a team of highly trained information specialists.

Here are our top five perks of having a library card.

We are matchmakers
Bedford team’s motto: we can always find something new for you. We match what we have with your personal style and interests. We call it a “reader’s advisory,” and it is our way of getting to know you better and pointing you toward the latest book and movie releases. Perhaps you’ve read everything by your favourite mystery author, wish there was another series like Downton Abbey, or just want to find a great British detective series.

We’re not just books
At Bedford, we love that information comes in all formats. We follow the latest films, TV shows, and trends. We have a great selection of kits and tools that might surprise you, from Be Fit Kits (with balls, skipping ropes and other toys) to book club kits that make it a grab-and-go experience.

Tech help
Libraries are also big boosters of the latest technologies, and Bedford branch is known for our quality classes. We lend out iPads and Chromebooks in the branch, help with resumes, and teach you how to use all sorts of Internet tools. With PrinterOn, a mobile printing app, you can now print documents at the library from home and on your own devices.

Think Google’s got it covered?
Even in the Internet age, you need librarians. Your team at Bedford knows where to find the answers. Librarians sort through the information clutter and get you the most current and accurate information. From home, you can use your card to access carefully selected databases of information, like you did in university. We offer research assistance over the phone as well as in person.

We get outside!
This year we have been busy getting outside the library building, visiting local celebrations and community partners. With our mobile lending kit, you can sign up for a library card anywhere we are, and check out brand new materials as well.
Come see us this September for a library card. Beyond reading, there is so much more on offer. Consider your card an all-access pass!

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