With 25 years of autobody experience under his belt, David Wilson knows cars. But when he and his wife, Natalie, were looking for a business opportunity, opening a garage wasn’t an option that interested them. So Wilson decided he would open a car detailing business. The result is House of Auto Details on Symonds Road, just off Hammonds Plains Road.

“I like taking shabby cars and making them look new,” says Wilson, who has restored award-winning vehicles and learned much of his trade from his mechanic father who owned a garage. “Having an autobody background, I have a better understanding of the paint.”

“His dream was to drive a new car to work every week,” Natalie jokes.

The shop offers full detailing services with complete cleaning of interiors and exteriors. There are also polishing and waxing services on offer as well as paint repair, sealant and rejuvenation services. Clients who can’t be without their car during the day can use the “while you were sleeping” service. Simply drop off your car off at the end of a work day and pick it up the next morning, completely detailed.

The cleaning services are also family and environmentally friendly. Hot steam rather than chemicals are the primary method of cleaning. The pair says the powerful steam clean kills bacteria and leaves cars with a clean, fresh water smell whereas chemicals just mask odours.

They also offer services such as stroller and infant car seat detailing not offered at other detailing shops. As the parents of two young children, they know how difficult it can be to clean these necessities.

Customer service is also a priority. The new location is bright, friendly and modern, much like a just detailed car. There is a private room with WiFi for those clients who want to work while they wait. And clients with children can take the free shuttle to nearby Aplaydia Indoor Playground while their car is being cleaned. “We’re really trying to up the ante when it comes to business,” Natalie says.

While the couple isn’t from the province originally—David is from Quebec and Natalie grew up in New York—they quickly grew to love the area and knew it was a great place to set up shop. Staying in Nova Scotia also meant they would each be relatively close to their families. They’re also enjoying watching their neighbourhood grow and new things happening in the area.

“Bedford feels like a natural place to be for us right now,” says Natalie, who takes care of the books and previously worked as the dean for Sandy Lake Academy. “It feels like home.”

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