Blueberry Ale
Pump House Brewery
Moncton, N.B.
A light option packed with big blueberry flavours and peppery notes. Pro tip: toss a handful of blueberries in your glass before pouring this one.

Full Steam Stout
Rare Bird Craft Beer
Guysborough, N.S.
Brewception. In addition to licorice, chocolate, and roasted malt notes, this one contains organic java from neighbour Full Steam Coffee.

Ashdale Honey Brown Ale
Meander River Farm & Brewery
Ashdale, N.S.
The sweet stuff in this ale is harvested from bee hives on the family farm.

English Ale
Hell Bay Brewing Co.
Liverpool, N.S.
A true English-style ale. Medium body with malt for days.

White Noize (white IPA)
Upstreet Craft Brewing
It’s a witbier! It’s an IPA! It’s just a damn good beer. The hops bring a big taste, which the wheat balances well.

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