Nova Scotia didn’t announce any new cases of COVID-19 yesterday, June 8. The number of confirmed cases holds steady at 1,059, with 61 dead. It’s unclear, however, how many active cases remain. After several journalists pointed out last week that the stats don’t tally up to match the totals, officials have paused those announcements. “Data sources are being reconciled and consolidated to ensure all publicly reported data comes from a single source,” says the government’s website. “Updated data will be reported this week.”

Losing a legend: remembering Donald Cameron
Last week, Silver Donald Cameron died at age 82. A talented writer, keen journalist, and fierce environmental advocate, Cameron inspired generations of young writers and consistently appealed to Nova Scotia’s better angels. In this story from The Reporter, Jake Boudrot talks with his friends about his legacy and how he forged links with adopted Cape Breton home. “He was very much part of the landscape of that community—very involved, very engaged,” says Linden MacIntyre.

While I never had the privilege of working alongside Cameron, we crossed paths many times. The photo above reflects one of my favourite memories of him. It’s from the 2009 launch of my book Atlantic Canada’s 100 Greatest Books. Cameron’s work The Education of Everett Richardson ranked 47th and he was excited and gracious, even though he was long past the stage in his career where he needed approval from the likes of me.

At the launch event, we got a far larger crowd than expected and it became apparent that we needed to offer more than five minutes of mumbled thanks. In desperation, we asked Cameron to share a few words. With no warning, he gave a long talk about the importance of celebrating East Coast literature. He was warm, insightful, and funny, and the audience ate it up. That generosity of spirit was his trademark and I’ll miss him dearly. —T.J.A.

Fighting for the right to know
Nova Scotia is the last province in Canada without open adoption records, making it difficult for adoptees and birth families to get background information allowing them to connect or learn about medical history. After yet another report calling for government to change the policy (the latest in a string that dates back to 1994), advocates are hopeful government might finally be ready to listen. “There is still a stigma to it but it’s changing,” says Scott Pyke. “People are actually willing to talk about it.”

In this new Halifax Magazine feature, Olivia Malley looks at the efforts of Pyke and his fellow advocates. Underlining why this issue is so important, Monica Kennedy shares her search for her birth family in the era of closed records, a mystery she only solved when she received a photo of her birth nephews and glimpsed a name on a lunchbox.

Varsity blues
Atlantic University Sport announced yesterday that it will be suspending all of its competitions until at least January 2021. “The AUS examined several scenarios for the fall term of the 2020–21 season, but with all of the unique challenges we face—including the decision by many institutions to move to predominantly online course delivery—none could be squared appropriately with public health requirements,” says AUS executive director Phil Currie. “Adherence to public health directives is essential and we cannot reconcile those with the requirements of competitive sports at the AUS level.” See the story in the Pictou Advocate.

New drug helps cystic fibrosis patients—if they can get it
When a person has cystic fibrosis, they come to expect certain things: a painful cough, low energy, frequent trips to the hospital. Some sufferers are reporting the drug Trikafta eases their symptoms, allowing a more normal life. But many Nova Scotians can’t get it.

In this personal account, LighthouseNow reporter Keith Corcoran shares how his wife was able to get the drug on compassionate grounds, and how it’s changed her life. “I am not short of breath at all … I feel like a brand new woman and like I have a new lease on life,” says Cheryl Corcoran.

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