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Power to the people

Most people hold Nova Scotia Power to a pretty low standard, as essential services go. Several times a year, sometimes in rough correlation with the weather and...

More work to do

After exhausting all other options, Halifax Council finally did the right thing and removed the statue of Edward Cornwallis from a downtown park. In addition...

We have enough cheerleaders

If you’ve ever said “Why so negative?” to a journalist, congratulations: you’re part of an exclusive club that includes pretty much every business person and po...

You can’t get there from here

You might think Nova Scotia is a peninsula. But if you don’t own a car, it’s really a collection of islands. Halifax is one big island and you can get around it...
HM Voralberg (4 of 9)

Lessons from rural Europe

I didn’t know Vorarlberg, Austria existed until I went to the Getting Things Done exhibition at the Dalhousie architecture school last spring. The exhibition vi...
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