For home brewers, the opportunity to have their beer available on tap to drink at a bar is a dream. But licensing rules mean it rarely happens.

But Good Robot Brewing on Robie Street can make that dream a reality with its CommuniBrew program, which gives home brewers the opportunity to brew their beers in a 40-litre batch at the brewery and have it on tap at Good Robot’s taproom. To date, about 15 home brewers have shared their creations.

Good Robot co-founder Josh Counsil says home brewers make “the most experimental and eccentric beers because they’ve got nothing to lose. They’re just making it for friends and family and themselves.” Past CommuniBrew examples included a chocolate IPA, while “one guy went nuts and tried to recreate a cookie,” says Counsil.

Lower Sackville’s Miles Bishop took part in the program and loves it. “You go in there and brew with the big guns and learn a thing or two,” he says. Like many home brewers, Bishop has thought about making a living brewing and he enjoyed the opportunity to get a peek at brewery life.

For his beer, he made a single malt and single hop (smash) IPA. Bishop was at Good Robot the night the beer was tapped in March. “I can remember hearing the bartender say, ‘CommuniBrew coming up. I already have four pitchers preordered,’” he says. Bishop hopes to participate in the program again.

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