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Last year across Atlantic Canada, the Better Business Bureau responded to nearly 1.5 million requests: inquiries, complaints, and compliments about businesses, questions about offers that appeared too good to be true (and, in many cases, were). Our world is increasingly filled with the noise of aggressive consumer marketing, online reviews (in many cases, unverified and anonymous), and always-on social media feeds. The BBB cuts through the gripes and the likes, providing the factual, impartial and objective business information and ratings.

When you’re planning a major home project and looking for a contractor you can trust, when your kids are heading to university and needs to know how to protect their identities and credit, when your mom gets an email that appears to be from her bank but is a sophisticated phishing attempt—your BBB is here to protect you and the people you care about.

We’re supported by accredited businesses that commit to uphold the high standards that we set for ethical business conduct. This allows us to provide all these services at no cost to consumers.

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