Guest blogger Ben Boudreau is the local community manager for, a website featuring restaurant reviews by ordinary diners. He joins us to share some Halifax highlights.

If you ask me, there’s no better summer meal than sushi. Served cold, it’s perfect for those mid-August scorchers, and it’s healthy enough to pose no risk to that beach body you worked so hard for. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. This week, let’s celebrate sushi with three great ways to fit it into those busy summer days!

Let’s kick things off at Ko-Doraku, a secret sushi source tucked away on the lower level of Spring Garden Place. Open only for lunch, their sushi chefs work at lightening speed to get you back to your day with a bento box of goodness. Hannah S likes her sushi Barney Stinson-style (legendary) and thinks the Ko-Doraku Roll measures up. With “tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and spicy sauce,” this two-biter scores high on the chipmunk scale. You’ve been warned…

For a little more dine-in comfort, the B-Well Sushi Café caters to the Quinpool crowd. Window-side armchairs will have you feeling like “you’re eating lunch in your own living room,” but it’s the “innovative options with adorable names” that keep Emma R coming back for more. B-sure to catch the Rocking Roll with “ginger, avocado, and tempura bits wrapped in salmon with spicy sauce,” or the Yummy Yam Dragon Roll, “a sweet potato tempura roll topped with avocado” for a taste of “crunchy and creamy heaven!”

To top things off, unwind from a full day of sunshine in the gorgeous Suzuki Restaurant! Jill M pops off the shoes and sinks into the “Japanese style eating area with cushions and low tables” –perfect for enjoying their refined approach to sensational sushi. Catch the brand new and very delicious Yoga and Yasai Rolls that are “cut into slightly smaller pieces” so that you can binge without the bloat. Book a private, curtained booth for an ideal night of summer sushi romance. “If you’re looking to linger you won’t feel rushed,” and with magnificent maki and good company, you’ll want to take your time.

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