For the love of the game – gallery

Mark Innes's love of hockey began at age 5 when his parents bought him a set of hockey cards.Innes feels a kinship with other collectors, enjoying the stories behind their pieces.While he celebrates hockey overall, the Montreal Canadiens are Innes's favourite team, which his collection clearly reflects.“If I have a tough day at work, I can get lost in my collection,” says Innes.Classic table-top hockey games add a retro feel to the extensive collection.“My dad got me my first autograph while working at a bar,” Innes recalls. “I didn’t set out to be a collector; it just morphed into that.” Mike McPhee provided Innes's first autograph. Piece by piece, Innes has built his collection over two decades.

Over 25 years, Mark Innes has built one of the city’s best private collections of hockey memorabilia. Recently, Halifax Magazine visited him; follow the link to see Tammy Fancy’s story and flip through this gallery for more photos.

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